Taught On The Farm

We love this place we call Dark Water Ranch, it is gift that God has provided for us. We live on it, work on it and learn from it! God has used our life here to strengthen us and our relationship with him. Not everything about living on a farm or homestead is easy, but it is worth it.

There are several types of livestock raised here, and different types of produce grown, all is an adventure. Sometimes those adventures are lessons that God has used to help me learn more of what his word has to say. It is kind of like parables, each lesson allows me to see a picture that I can understand and then relate back to the word of God.

These lessons I have recorded and put into books to share with others. They can be purchased on Amazon and I try to keep a few on hand here in the store on the ranch

The first was published back in 2010 it was a collection of simple little short stories I learned from keeping goats, so I called it Shepherd in Shorts. Its purchase price was more expensive because it had color inside.

Next Came Lessons From The Farm, it had story lessons I had gathered from many aspects of my farm life. It was published in 2017 followed quickly by More Lessons From The Farm and then Even More Lessons From The Farm in 2018.

But these were considerably less in cost to purchase because they didn't have color print but they tell very colorful stories that relate back to scripture and life.

These books are just a fun way to share what God has shown me along with the saving knowledge of his son Jesus Christ.

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