Spring Planting

A couple late cold burst caused us a few issues but over all it wasn't to bad this year. Things will be a little slower due to that cold, but we are off and running none the less. The strawberry bed has adjusted and is doing well.

We have also managed to rein in our raspberry patch that was well over grown for the last few years. It took of couple of days, so mowing and cutters, then post and metal wire but it is now looking promising for raspberries to be available this year. If you are looking to purchase local raspberries check with us to see we will have any available for purchase.

Our main planting areas this year we have chosen to use the agri cloth, we feel it offers us so much more than traditional gardening. It keeps out the weeds, helps to maintain moisture and saves us so much time and effort. Roll it out and use the landscaping pins to hold it int place. We can already say we like it so much we will use it every year.

Our squash, tomatoes, peppers, egg plants, corn, okra, purple hull peas and watermelons are all grown using the agri fabric to cover the ground. The only reason are cantaloupes aren't in agri cloth is because they are grown in towers to save space.

We still have so much to get done, still planting and water systems to construct, more ground work and agri cloth to lay. But we were staying with it while praying for a productive year.


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