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Goat Milk Goodies

Goat Milk is it worth all the raves? Alternative milks are all a big draw these days. Making goat milk a kind of trend—but what exactly makes it special? And how different is it from that normal gallon of milk you buy at the supermarket?

Nutrition wise Goat’s milk is a good source of protein, contains less sugar (lactose), 13% more calcium, 25% more vitamin B6, 47% more vitamin A, and 134% more potassium than regular cow's milk. Plus the fat molecules in goat’s milk are much smaller than the fat molecules in cows milk making it easier to digest.One great thing about goats milk, is that it’s naturally homogenized – smooth and consistent without it undergoing a man-made process. It is also less allergenic due to the protein contents.

Now you know the reasons and info behind goat’s milk popularity, you will find it’s also great for cooking, and specialty foods. We use our goat milk here on the farm for all our needs, but customers often wonder what all they can do with it well. With this in mind we made a little book "Recipes To Make With Goat Milk". You can purchase it here at the store or it is available from Amazon.

It has 12 recipes ranging from cheeses, to yogurt and even includes some special treats like carmels and fudge!

Most items required are normal items you keep on hand in your kitchens everyday. However, a few recipes will call for specialty items like:

The great tasting foods you can achieve when you start with raw farm fresh goat milk is amazing. But when you add all the health benefits that it brings with it, then it simply can not be beat!

If you haven't tried any of these great treats then it time to start!