Goat Milk Soap
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We have been making goat milk soap products for over 8 years. Goat milk soap offers amazing benefits because goat’s milk is naturally high in essential fatty acids which have a pH level that’s similar to humans. This means that it’s less irritating to our skin and is easily absorbed into our skin, hydrating and nourishing it. Many people with skin problems find goat milk soap to be the best help.

PetBath N Body Products

We started in 2008 making Goat Milk Soap products and expanded over time into Goat Milk Shampoos for dogs and other natural products.

 The Homestead Provides

We sell the pet products and goat milk soap in our online store and in the store on the farm.  Follow the blog to see what all is happening on the homestead/farm. 

In 2018 we branched out with our Trade Mark name of Black Goat Designs. Visit the Black Goat site to get your custom built Crate, Kennel or other pet furniture today! 

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Remember we are also a working farm and that is how we are able to make all our safe & healthy products in the first place.

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